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Program Guide

A detailed Program guide will be released 4 weeks before the event. 

Want to join our festival family? 

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Vibrations of the Earth

Ice Bath

Sound Bath and Breathwork Meditation

Djembe Drumming Circle

Altered Consciousness

Crystal Sound Bowl Meditation

Community Breathwork Healing

Jam Circle


Walking Meditation


Hip Hop

African Dance

Belly Dancing

Self Defense


Spiritual Awakening

How to create a stronger connection to your Loved ones in the spirit world

Manifesting with your spiritual team

Connecting to your Psychic Six sense is easy

10 Secrets to Spiritual Abundance 

The Elements Of Intimacy

How Much Are You Willing To Receive 

The Witches Garden

Natural Magic

Trust your intuition

Spiritual Signs & meanings in Nature

Past Lives

Crafting Tent

Manifestation of the nature beings'

Body Art Jam 

Rune Making

Weaving Circle

Communal Art Mural

Story Weaving

Healing the toxic relationship with ourselves

Love yourself, Love your body

Perfectly Imperfect

Determine your Life Purpose and how it relates to your Soul Purpose 

Design Your Life- Alternative Living 

A fitness and dedication talk for mums

Who am I? Exploring the self


Life After Divorce

Red Flags - trusting your intuition in relationships

Surviving Narcissism

The Wise Ones

Honoring the Crone

Menopause Circle

Raising a child on the Autism Spectrum

Various mental health talks 

Mother/child bonding workshops

Father/child bonding workshops

Lots more to be announced!

Teen Hub

Positive Talk for Teens

Communal Mural Art

Meditation & Yoga

Nature Crowns Craft Activity

Graffiti Art


Setting Boundaries

Recognizing Red Flags in relationships

Trust your intuition

Positive Body Image

Toxic Friendships - setting yourself free

Embodied Dancing

Nature walk and Grounding

The Teen hub space is created to be a welcoming and safe space where teens will feel empowered and valued as part of the community.

Happy woman with open arms stay near tent around mountains under sunset light sky enjoying
TICKETS On Sale 4pm 29\03\20023

Children's Village
Little Kindred's

Forest Crafts

Roving Forest Creature 

Spells, Wishes and Positive Affirmations

Weaving Nature Circle – Connection and Positive Friendships

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Raising Forest Children

Circus Lab

Becky Bubbles big bubbles

Djembe Drumming

The Children's Village is a place where children can connect back to nature, enjoy free play, creation and a sense of empowerment and community.



Pierce Brothers

Wendy Rule

Live Mediumship Show

Liz Hassack

Ymma Tierra

Holly Kercheval

Enjoy Buskers, acoustic performances, jamming circles and roving entertainers.

More to be announced

Healers Tent

Tarot Card Readings


Past Lives

Holistic Kinesiology

Lomi Lomi Massage

Reiki Healing

Bone Throwing (osteomancy) readings

Crystal Sound Bowl Healings

Indian Head Massage

and so much more

Enjoy the hustle and bustle of a vibrant market place including fresh and delicious street food.

* Program Subject to change

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